The insanely addictive indie hit Rogue Legacy has finally arrived on PlayStation consoles and we absolutely love it, but don’t expect a walk in the park. You and your heirs are destined to die again and again for countless generations in this brutally challenging game. That’s why we’ve come up with 10 helpful Rogue Legacy tips to help you survive that little bit longer each playthrough so you can one day conquer the castle and fulfil your family legacy. Sit back and enjoy our 10 Rogue Legacy tips!

1. Set clear goals

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Before you choose an heir and charge into a new Rogue Legacy run, stop and consider your goals. Essentially each playthrough will either be a farming run to collect gear and gold, or a boss run. For a gold run you’ll want to choose a character that is suited to the job and follow the gold farming strategies we’ll touch on ahead. For a boss run however you’ll want to take a different approach. Here the goal is to forget about loot and find the safest, most direct route to the boss so you can arrive with as much health and mana points as possible. It’s a great idea to use the Architect for boss runs as he’ll ‘lock down’ the castle, allowing you to teleport straight to boss rooms for repeated attempts. The catch is you’ll only receive 60% of the gold you normally would, but that shouldn’t matter on a boss run anyway. If you’re ever unsure of the best course of action, simply stop and ask yourself whether it will help or hinder you in reaching your overall goal for that run.

2. Tackle things in the correct order

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Rogue Legacy features a randomly generated castle to conquer, but there are a few consistent elements you can rely on. The game is split into four different areas of increasing difficulty, each with their own boss battle. In order from easiest to controller-smashingly difficult these are Castle Hamson, Forest Abkhazia, The Maya, and The Darkness. Although the castle layout is always unique, you can expect to find the Forest somewhere to the right, the Maya by heading up, and the Darkness by venturing into the bowels of the castle. After you manage to defeat all four bosses you will unlock the door at the castle’s entrance which leads to the final boss encounter. You’ll be in for a rude shock indeed if you wander into an area before you are ready, so it is recommended (but not necessary) that you approach the areas in the intended order. By the time you defeat the boss of an area, you should more or less be ready to tackle the next, and if not you can always grind out a few gold farming runs to increase your stats and your confidence in the process.

3. Choose your classes and traits wisely

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Make sure you take care to choose a character class and trait combination that suits your goals and play style. We recommend that you experiment with lots of different styles until you find a few you like, as the random nature of heirs means you won’t always get an ideal combo. The starting Knight/Paladin class is extremely versatile and a great option for all-rounders. Barbarians are a great ‘tank’ class that can soak up tonnes of damage, making them ideal if you want to survive for a long time on loot runs. Careful players who can avoid taking hits may prefer the Shinobi/Hokage class who are fragile but pack an incredibly mean punch. Miner/Spelunkers on the other hand may seem like the obvious choice for farming with their 30% gold advantage, however I personally found that I was netting more cash with stronger classes due to the simple fact that I could survive much longer. In the end though everyone will have different preferences so play around to see what you like. One more thing to keep in mind is the fact that high HP/MP classes gain an additional advantage from restorative items as they are based on a percentage of your bar rather than a set amount. In other words Barbarians last a long time not only due to their high starting health, but because of their ability to extract extra nutrients from each chicken leg.

4. Explore every square inch during farming runs

Rogue Legacy Tips - 4

The longer you can survive in Rogue Legacy, the more gold you can acquire, it’s that simple. So it pays (literally) to proceed with caution and leave no stone unturned on your quest for loot. Use the map to your advantage and make sure you check out every possible doorway and branching path. If you get to a more difficult area, turn around and finish exploring the previous areas first where you are more likely to survive longer. You can always return via teleporter once you’ve uncovered every coin and bag of gold that area has to offer.

5. The rich get richer – Focus on upgrades which net more gold

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It can be daunting to decide what to spend your gold on at the Manor, but there are a few notable upgrades which you should focus on as early as possible to help you get more bang for your buck. The first of these is ‘Gold Gain Up’ which allows you to get more out of every coin and bag, while the ‘Haggle’ upgrade lowers Charon’s toll at the start of each run. Both of these upgrades max at out 50%, meaning you can gain a huge gold advantage in the long run. The earlier you can perform these upgrades the better as they’ll give you more cash for future upgrades. It’s also worth noting that there are certain runes available which can stack alongside these upgrades to increase your gold gain percentage even further. If you can spare the rune slots, this can be a great way to earn a little extra on the side. As mentioned before the Miner/Spelunker class has an additional 30% gold gain bonus too.

6. You do the math – Don’t give Charon more than necessary

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Anything you don’t manage to spend before entering the castle is forfeited to Charon—that most vile scoundrel—as a cruel entry toll. Your job is to take care not to give him a penny more than is absolutely necessary. Don’t just spend your gold all willy-nilly, weigh up your options and try to spend the highest amount possible. There’s nothing worse than excitedly purchasing an upgrade you’ve had your eye on, only to realise that you don’t quite have enough change for anything else… but certainly enough to resent paying to Charon. Do the math in your head before making a purchase, even grab a calculator if you need to! It’s also wise to shop around. Leave the manor to browse the Blacksmith and Enchantress’ wares so you can make an informed decision. Every coin spent is one less that you need to hand over so make them count!

7. Keep an eye out for sparkles and dark tiles

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While it can be tempting to dash around the castle without a care, you should take the time to stop and smell the roses. Not only will you avoid taking unnecessary damage from traps and enemies, but you may also discover some hidden treasure. Keep an eye out for sparkles within a wall, as these represent secret chests. Simply look for a darkened area on the floor tiles, ceiling, or walls to access the hidden passage. They are not always straight forward, so if you come to a dead-end, keep trying different directions until you reach the treasure. Note that some secret passages—indicated by smaller darkened wall tiles—require the ‘Dwarfism’ trait to access.

8. Always play the Miserly Elf’s chest game

Rogue Legacy Tips - 8

One of the strange characters you’ll encounter in Rogue Legacy is the Miserly Elf, a notorious madman and all-round jerk, who’ll offer you a chance to gamble 25% of your gold in a guessing game. If you win he’ll grumble and if you lose he’ll gloat. The odds are fair though, as you have a one in three chance of tripling the bet, though you can gain a distinct advantage that might not be immediately obvious. When you win, the payout isn’t added straight to your tally, but comes as coins and bags to pick up. This means that any ‘gold gain’ multipliers you might have can increase your prize significantly. A player with a 100% multiplayer (say, a Spelunker with maxed gold gain and two runes) could earn six times their original wager! That sounds like a good bet to us and though it will only pay off on one in three attempts, you’ll be better off in the long run. If you want to take chance out of the equation altogether then you’ll want the ’Nerdy Glasses’ item from the Shrine Room. Not only will this correct any vision defects, but it will also allow you to see the wining chest. If you are lucky enough to nab this item, wait until as late as possible in your run to play the Miserly Elf’s game, as you’ll have more gold to ‘bet’, ensuring a greater payout.

9. Always attack treasure chests before opening

Rogue Legacy Tips - 9

Rogue Legacy is full of nasty traps, but perhaps none quite as cruel as the ‘mimic’ treasure chests that appear from The Maya stage onwards. What could be worse than dropping your guard for just a second to enjoy some precious loot, when all of a sudden the chest sprouts teeth and tries to devour you? Once you get to the Maya make sure you attack any chests before attempting to open them to avoid any nasty surprises. In fact, it might even be wise to swing at chests on the earlier levels too as it’s a good habit to get in for later on. It’s also worth noting that depending on your stats a mimic may take multiple hits to destroy, so be ready for a follow up attack as they can be quite fast. One way to tell a real chest from a mimic is by looking at your map, where a real chest will be represented by an icon. Be careful though, as one time I encountered a particularly sneaky mimic that was hiding directly in front of a genuine chest… the nerve!

10. Save chicken, potions, and fountains until you need them

Rogue Legacy Tips - 10

The random nature of Rogue Legacy’s castle layout makes it hard to plan ahead, however you are always guaranteed to find a HP-restoring chicken leg and MP-restoring potion hidden within the statues in every boss room and teleport room that you find before entering a new area. For reference the chicken is always on the left and the potion is on the right. Use this knowledge to your advantage and avoid wasting these precious resources. If you arrive at one of these rooms with full health or mana, resist the urge to smash the statues until you need them. Similarly if you have fairly high (but not full) stats you may still save them for later if you feel you can restore your stats through vampirism or regular chicken/potion drops. The best part is you can easily teleport back to these rooms when you do decide you need the boost. The same goes for healing fountains if you are lucky enough to find one. These provide a much bigger boost so hold off until you need it. The only downside is that these may not be near a teleporter, and you’ll need to remember where they are located on your map.

Thanks for checking out our Rogue Legacy tips, we hope they help your chances of survival! If you have any of your own tips, please feel free to let us know on facebook, twitter, or in the comments below!

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