Gold Rush City Builder 1849 Strikes Gold on May 8

1849 is an upcoming city management game set during the California Gold Rush by developer SomaSim. Players will be able to head out west to seek their fame and fortune on May 8th for PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets. In the meantime you can watch a trailer for 1849 below.

The goal of 1849 is to build a thriving Gold Rush town and populate it with workers who you’ll need to make sure are properly housed, fed, and entertained. Players will have to manage and coordinate extensive production and trade networks to make sure their towns thrive. In addition to an endless sandbox mode, SomaSim will also include a campaign with 20 different scenarios each with unique starting conditions, victory goals, and obstacles to overcome.

A special Early Access version of 1849 is available now for PC and Mac while iPad and Android users will need to wait for the games official launch on May 8th. You can pick up the Early Access version for just $10 through Indie Game Stand and Mac Game Store.

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