Bear Simulator is Beary Successful On Kickstarter
One-man developer Farjay Studios has had an incredibly successful opening week on Kickstarter for his upcoming title Bear Simulator, a game that does exactly what the name implies.

“Basically it’s a game where you explore while being a bear.”

Bear Simulator has quickly surpassed its initial goal of $29,500, and is already above $41,000 with 23 days to go. The game’s creator describes the game as an FPB (First Person Bear) game and “basically a mini-Skyrim but you’re a bear.” Well, that is certainly all we need to know to get excited about Bear Simulator.

According to the Kickstarter page, Bear Simulator is estimated to be released in November(ish) this year, and will be coming to PC and “most likely” Mac. In the meantime you can watch the equally awesome and hilarious alpha trailer below.

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