We loved the original Crazy Taxi so much that it’s one of our Top 10 Dreamcast Games of All Time, so we are equally excited and nervous to hear that Sega is producing a new entry in the series for mobile phones titled Crazy Taxi: City Rush. Kenji Kanno who created the original arcade classic will be back alongside Hardlight Studios to develop the game.

My initial reaction to the news was skepticism that the controls could translate well to touch-screens, though Sega have assured players that Crazy Taxi: City Rush will feature intuitive “one-touch” controls. Judging by the gameplay video below, the driving will take place on ‘rails’ with players swiping to change lanes and drift around corners similar to the controls in the popular Temple Run series.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush will be free-to-play and should powerslide its way onto iOS and Android devices later in the year.

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