Fan-Made Shenmue HD Trailer Almost Brought Me to Tears

These fan-made Shenmue HD remake trailers from Korean YouTube user NoconKid honestly almost brought me to tears. This might seem like a strange reaction to a fan trailer, but there are multiple layers of emotion going on here, as I’ll explain. First and foremost there’s my immense feelings of nostalgia towards Shenmue itself, which ranks as my favorite Sega Dreamcast game of all time. I can’t even hear the game’s amazing soundtrack without slipping on my sepia-toned goggles of reminiscence. As if that wasn’t enough, there are countless other Sega references here, ranging from Alex Kidd in Miracle World to Virtua Fighter 2, Streets of Rage, Wonderboy in Monster Land, Shinobi and more that are enough to send me so far down memory lane that I might not come back.

In the first clip we get a glimpse at how our beloved GAME CENTER You might look in a Shenmue HD remaster. This was one of my favorite haunts in the game, and I have exceedingly fond memories of working hard all day down at the docks only to blow my entire paycheck playing OutRun and Hang-On at this arcade on the way home. It’s actually not too far removed from how I spent my actual paychecks when I got my first real-life job but that’s another story. NoconKid has also posted a second trailer which we’ve included below which takes a closer look at the streets of Yokosuka.

The real reason that these clips almost make me cry however has nothing to do with my fond Sega memories, but is instead due to the fact that after more than a decade of impassioned pleas from fans, we are yet to see a Shenmue HD remaster or sequel. This may sound crazy, but I would seriously lay down whatever Sega was asking for a copy. $200? $300? No problem. C’mon Sega, make it happen! If there was ever a project begging for a Kickstarter campaign it’s a Shenmue HD remake. Hell, I’d even settle for a Sega arcade simulator set in GAME CENTER You where you pay to play these arcade classics. I’ve got my credit card details ready and waiting to go.

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