Square Enix have just posted a delightful new trailer for the North American launch of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD which is out next week. They also posted a whole bunch of fresh screenshots which you can see in the gallery below. I don’t know about you, but between Titanfall, Dark Souls II, inFAMOUS Second Son and countless others, I am feeling overwhelmed with so many new games coming out at once. The thought of not one, but two massive Final Fantasy games to get through is daunting, but I’m up for the challenge. Will you be grabbing Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD? Let us know on twitter or in the comments below!

You’ll be able to pick up Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD for your PS3 or PS Vita on March 18 and 21 in North America and PAL regions respectively.

  • ffxhd_01
  • ffxhd_02
  • ffxhd_03
  • ffxhd_04
  • ffxhd_05
  • ffxhd_06
  • ffxhd_07
  • ffxhd_08
  • ffxhd_10
  • ffxhd_11
  • ffxhd_12
  • ffxhd_13
  • ffxhd_14
  • ffxhd_15
  • ffxhd_16
  • ffxhd_17
  • ffxhd_19

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