Indie Devs Just Want Their ‘Candy’ Back

Not content with owning all your money, Candy Crush developer King wants to own the word ‘candy’ as well. King submitted a trademark application last year for exclusive rights to the word, hoping to stop other game developers from using it in relation to their games and apps—a claim that was approved this week for publication in the US.

If this sounds a little silly to you, then you definitely aren’t alone. Some indie game developers have gotten together and started a game jam appropriately titled Candy Jam in which they encourage participants to simply make any game based on the theme of candy. They even suggest using the word ‘candy’ multiple times in the title.

“…trademarking common names is ridiculous”

The organizers of the game jam state that their motivation comes from the fact that “trademarking common names is ridiculous” and “because it gives us an occasion to make another game jam”.

People have responded positively on twitter, with the hashtag #candyjam garnering lots of attention and game ideas. I for one love the concept and can’t wait to play some of these candy themed games.

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