Kemco Brings JRPG Alphadia Genesis To Wii U

Developer Kemco has recently released one of their mobile JRPG’s Alphadia Genesis for the Wii U in Japan. The game costs 1,944 yen or roughly $20. According to Siliconera, Kemco’s Mobile Development manager Masaomi Kurokawa had previously explained that they were considering a Wii U version of Alphadia Genesis since the game is made using Unity which makes it relatively easy to port. Currently there is no word on a Western release, but we’ll keep you updated on any announcements. See the gallery below for screenshots of the game.

  • Alphadia-Genesis-Wii-U-6
  • Alphadia-Genesis-Wii-U-2
  • Alphadia-Genesis-Wii-U-4
  • Alphadia-Genesis-Wii-U-1
  • Alphadia-Genesis-Wii-U-3
  • Alphadia-Genesis-Wii-U-5
  • Alphadia-Genesis-Wii-U-7

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