Little Mac Can One-Hit K.O. In Super Smash Bros.

At last week’s Nintendo Direct live stream, we learned that Little Mac from Punch-Out!! would be joining the Super Smash Bros. roster. Nintendo treated us to a new trailer in which they introduced Little Mac and gave us a look at him in action.

This week we have some new details on Little Mac’s fighting style courtesy of the games director Masahiro Sakurai who brought us the information via Miiverse—Nintendo’s own social network of sorts, where Wii U and 3DS players can come to communicate with each other.

Sakurai explains that “His biggest feature is his Power Meter. When this gets charged up, his standard special move changes! It turns into a one-hit-K.O. uppercut.”

In another Miiverse post, Sakurai describes Little Mac’s strengths and weaknesses. “Little Mac can deliver some solid punches while fighting on the ground…However, he’s not the strongest fighter while airborne. Try keeping his feet on the ground and avoid being blasted into the air when you use him in battles.”

Nintendo hasn’t specified an exact release date for Super Smash Bros. but we know that it will be coming to Wii U and 3DS later in the year. Stay tuned for more information on Super Smash Bros..

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