Mario Party Series Approaches 40 Million Copies Sold

With Mario Party 10 now less than a month away from release on the Wii U, we are getting seriously excited for some frantic five-player party action! Yes that’s right, the latest entry allows one lucky player to constantly troll four others as Bowser. We anticipate countless worldwide relationship breakdowns to result.

We’re perhaps equally thrilled at the idea of finally getting a new way to enjoy our almost complete Amiibo collection! Okay who are we kidding? We could never bring ourselves to remove them from their beautiful packaging in order to actually play with them.

But as much as Mario Party might seem like a fairly niche spinoff series, it might surprise you to hear that it’s actually one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises of all time. In fact the company has just revealed that they have almost sold a whopping 40 million units—39.6 million to be precise—as of December 2014. Sure, there have been quite a few sequels since the original Mario Party made it’s debut back in 1998 on the Nintendo 64, but that still works out at over 3 million copies sold per game on average, even including handheld versions.

Historically speaking, Mario Party games have never been as critically acclaimed as other Mario spinoffs such as Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros., but nevertheless it’s hard to deny that they are great fun with a group of friends or family. Are you looking forward to Mario Party 10? Let us know in the comments below! For more on Mario Party 10, stay tuned to LootChaser.

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