I’m Not Dead Yet… Dreamcast Still Getting New Games in 2014

New Dreamcast Games 2014: Redux: Dark Matters

If there is one retro console that manages to instil an extreme sense of pride and passion in gamers, it is Sega’s hardware swansong the Dreamcast. Despite the fact that the now 15-year-old console died an early death at the hands of Sony’s unstoppable PS2 juggernaut, the Dreamcast still manages to maintain a small but dedicated community of fans that continue to support new titles on the system. 2013 saw the release of a handful of new Dreamcast titles such as critically acclaimed shoot-em-up Sturmwind from German developer Duranik. We have also seen recent successful Kickstarter campaigns for new Dreamcast releases such as role-playing game Pier Solar HD, and scrolling shoot-em-up Redux: Dark Matters, which has just been released this week. You can see the game’s release trailer below.

Developed by René Hellwig from NG:DEV.TEAM Redux: Dark Matters is a space shooting game featuring legendary video game composer Chris Huelsbeck who worked on classic shooters Turrican and R-Type. The game is available now in two versions either with or without a bonus 4 CD soundtrack.

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