GamesIndustry International have reported that Sega have cut their profit forecast by 36% for for the fiscal year ending March 31, citing slow sales in their Pachislot and Pachinko machine business. Although Sega’s game business was not the source of the problem, we have a suggestion that could possibly help Sega turn things around… Listen to your fans!

I am not suggesting that Sega should go to the extreme cost and effort of resurrecting beloved Dreamcast franchises like Shenmue or Skies of Arcadia—though this would indeed be a cause for great celebration. I am merely suggesting that they localize existing Japan-only releases like Yakuza: Ishin!, which quite frankly looks amazing as you will see in the trailer above. While Sony certainly isn’t struggling to sell PS4’s, a game like Yakuza: Ishin! would be just the thing to round out its somewhat lacklustre launch lineup.

Despite fan interest, currently there has been no announcement of a Western release. The fact that not even Yakuza 5 has got a release announcement outside of Japan would suggest that our chances of getting to play Yakuza: Ishin! are slim. Do you wish Sega would release more Japan-only titles in the West, or do you think that they are making the right decision by holding certain games back. Let us know in the comments below.

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