Shenmue Tribute Reminds Us How Badly We Need a Sequel

We absolutely adore Shenmue. It’s not just our favorite Dreamcast game of all time, but has provided some of our best gaming memories on any system ever. That’s why were thrilled when YouTube channel Dreamcasters’ Tube shared this loving tribute video ‘Shenmue Memories’ with us which looks back at some of the wonderful moments from Shenmue and Shenmue 2 in glorious 1080p. As we watched, memories came flooding back of working long, boring shifts down at the docks, only to blow our whole paycheck gambling, playing arcade games, or collecting Virtua Fighter capsule toys (doesn’t sound too different to how we spend our real money today). What is somewhat surprising however is just how good the game still looks today.

Aside from getting us all teary-eyed with nostalgia, the tribute video reminds us just how badly we want a sequel, so we can finally make Lan Di pay for his heinous crimes once and for all. Knowing that this will likely never happen however, it makes us cross our fingers and hope for a HD remaster at the very least. Until that wonderful day comes however, we can enjoy video tributes like the one below, or better yet, dust off the old Dreamcast and head back to Yokosuka just one more time.

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