Where Have We Been All Month? Underground…

Things sure have been quiet around here for the past few weeks. Sure, we could blame our busy social calendars or crushing deadlines at our ‘real’ jobs, but the truth is we’ve been utterly consumed by
Minecraft. Despite somehow managing to avoid the global cultural phenomenon for so long, we finally gave up and downloaded Minecraft for PS4.

Perhaps you are wondering why we would avoid such an important and widely loved game in the first place? Frankly it’s the same reason we’ve never ventured into World of Warcraft. We just can’t be trusted with something so addictive. From the first moment I laid eyes on Minecraft, I knew that this unlimited virtual Lego set would be a complete destroyer of productivity if I ever allowed myself to play it. I never knew just how right I was. A tiny starter hut hastily fashioned from dirt and wood to survive the first night soon becomes a castle with a sprawling network of dungeons. But of course any good castle needs a wall to protect it, and a moat to protect that, and… well you get the idea.

But hey, there probably isn’t a person alive who doesn’t know about Minecraft and just how addictive it can be. I suppose we’re just a little embarrassed that even as fully grown adults we are no more disciplined or better at managing our time than millions of eight year olds around the world who are shunning their homework for one more mining run.

Expect a full review and a maybe even a video of our progress in the next few weeks, if we can tear ourselves away from Minecraft for long enough that is.

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